About Us

Brighter Futures for Children of Young Parents and Buns in the Oven are projects of the Young Parent Support Network, which receives funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada. This Network is a partnership of four agencies in Ottawa, Canada: Emily Murphy Non-Profit Housing Corporation, St. Mary’s Home, Salvation Army Bethany Hope Centre and Youville Centre. The staff of Brighter Futures and Buns in the Oven are key partners at both St Mary’s Home and the Salvation Army Bethany Hope Centre, providing program coordination, counseling support and program delivery. Together, the agencies of the Network along with the two projects provide numerous programs and support services to pregnant teens, as well as to young parents under the age of 25 and their children, aged birth to five years – two vulnerable generations.

Our mission is to provide accessible, integrated and flexible services and advocacy to pregnant and parenting youth and their children, so that they may be supported in their efforts to live in a healthy family and community environment.

Our Supporters

Brighter Futures for Children of Young Parents and Buns in the Oven are funded, in part, by the Public Health Agency of Canada under the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) and the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP). We are very grateful for their ongoing financial support since 1993. CAPC is a national project that provides long term funding to community coalitions to deliver programs that address the health and development of children (0-6 years) who are living in conditions of risk. CPNP also has sites right across Canada. The goal of CPNP is to reduce the incidence of unhealthy birth weights, improve the health of both infant and mother and encourage breastfeeding.

Funds are also received for the Young Fathers’ Program from the City of Ottawa. We would like to acknowledge our many private donors who contribute to making our programs successful.

The scope and reach of Brighter Futures and Buns in the Oven is only possible by the tremendous number of longstanding community partnerships. They are integral to the success of our programs and the successful outcomes for the young families.