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We provide many necessary programs and services to enhance the well being of our participants, and your interest in “lending a hand” is most welcome.



St. Mary’s Home is a non-profit, charitable organization, and our Residential Program is licensed under the Child and Family Services Act of Ontario. We provide many necessary programs and services to enhance the well being of our participants, and your interest in “lending a hand” is most welcome.

One key ingredient to be a successful volunteer at St. Mary’s Home is that you are interested in, and are sensitive to, the needs of the young moms, dads and children who are the participants of St. Mary’s Home.

Our services include information, support, counselling, education for both pregnant and parenting youth, and their young children. Volunteers are carefully screened, in keeping with our requirements as a youth-serving agency. You will be specially matched with your area of interest to ensure that your needs are met as well as ours!

As a positive role model, your duties and responsibilities depend upon your placement and assignment. We have various volunteer needs, both within our Residence, and our Young Parent Outreach Center. If you have a special talent or interest, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our volunteers are important members of our ‘extended family’, and we all have the same goal in mind: to help young parents succeed and their children thrive.

Click here to see our volunteer opportunities and to make an application.



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